Overview in images of Wisselspoor, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

About Wisselspoor, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

On the edge of the historic city centre of Utrecht, tucked away between the railway and the Daalsebuurt, lays the terrain if the former Werkspoor factory. Wisselspoor is part of larger transformation of this area into a new energy neutral housing district. For the first phase of this urban development Space Encounters designed a collection of buildings ranging from single family houses to an apartment block.

The master plan prescribed that all individual houses were to be materialised as part of larger ensembles. By slightly blurring the distinction between the whole and its parts the attention is shifted from the individual to the collective, providing these relatively small housing blocks with a solid urban presence.

By eliminating the typical hallway from the ground floor plan a simple yet spacious enfilade layout is created in the design of the single family dwellings, consisting of a garden room in the back and a living kitchen on the street side. Both rooms are joined by a service zone containing several amenities and storage space. This generic typology provides maximum flexibility and has been sculpted and materialised in striking ways throughout the master plan.

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