Overview in images of Transito, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

About Transito, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

Transito is a spatial and light-art installation that was designed by Space Encounters in collaboration with Amsterdam visual art duo Children of the Light. In its first appearance, it occupied the 50-metre long gallery of the Museum Diocesano in Milan, during the Salone del Mobile 2018. Transito’s architectural and sculptural form takes its cue from abundant Milanese neoclassicist structures.

Upon entering the succession of repeating, symmetrical shapes, the surroundings seem to become weightless, as the light carries one forward. The treatment of light as a sculptural element dissolves the space into liquid architecture, while coloured waves of pulsating light disorient the visitors’ notion of time and space. From one moment to the next they find themselves absorbed in light or enveloped in a black hole. It makes the gallery take on an endless quality as it looses its fixed dimensions. When fully immersed in Transito, it becomes unclear where there is a beginning, and if there is an end, evoking an intimate experience of the idea of infinity.

Transito re-appeared in Amsterdam’s techno haunt extraordinaire De School from November 2018 till January 2019.

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