The Doors

Overview in images of The Doors, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

About The Doors, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

The Doors is an apartment building in the development of Buiksloterham & Co in Amsterdam Noord. It will house around 14 apartments that face the canal and overlook the IJ river. The apartment block promotes sunlight and visibility while combining flexibility in the floor plans. The urban integration in the adjacent developments refine the architectural appearance and the spatiality of the block.

The architectural expression of the project is strongly shaped by the generous outside spaces that result in a dynamic play between the verticality of the volume and the horizontality of the facade. Rhythm, scale and tactility of the design are enhanced by the concrete structure that is visible in the facade. Part of the design of The Doors is the assignment for the interior design of the WJ House. In the WJ House the living room will feel as an extension of the garden and vice versa. The transition between them is mediated by curtains. The open floor plan is complemented by the exposed concrete structure and is visually structured by a wooden build in cabinet containing the storage and service spaces.

The Doors is part of the dynamic master plan Buiksloterham Cityplots. Every Cityplot acts as a collective, energetic machine whereby sustainable systems are coupled to and converge in the public space. The inter-relationship between residents and these systems will contribute to a sustainable and future-proof area. Architecture, public space and landscape form one complete sustainable and integrated system.

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