AB House

Overview in images of AB House, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

About AB House, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

AB House is the renovation and transformation of the home for a growing family in Broek op Langedijk. Until the land consolidation in the early 1970s, the dyke villages of Broek, Zuid and Noord-Scharwoude were divided into hundreds of small islands that were only accessible by boat. Part of the islands was declared as a nature reserve and another part became a residential area. Most of the properties have their own individual piece of land that is surrounded by water and have been connected by small roads. The architecture of the area is characterized by fragmented volumes and pitched roofs.

One of the starting points for the design of the renovation was to keep the lay-out of the existing ground floor and to enlarge the house on the first floor by building up to the maximum volume as permitted within the urban regulations. To achieve this, a brand new roof and first floor have been designed, while the house keeps the feeling of fragmentation on the ground floor. The roof and first floor extension covers the existing brick construction and stand on a striking black steel structure. The pitched roof clad with corrugated aluminium gives the house a characteristic silhouette, while the steel mesh wrap of the first floor and brickwork painted with white mineral paint give it a sense of unity. The house has been outfitted with abstract openings and aluminium finishings, while the infill and partitions of the new layer are constructed with wood. The result is a house in which tradition and modernity blend perfectly.

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