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The Booger Project – KABK

With students IAvt3 at KABK, Den Haag

Investigating material and methodology

The Booger Project is made together with students of the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. In this project the students explores new materials. Aim of this ongoing project is to explore the spatial qualities of random substances.

During periods of six months various experiments are being executed in a systematical way. True to the nature of an experiment, there’s no fixed end result. First up for research was “booger” a biological, re-usable biodegradable polymer. So far we can conclude that this specific material seems to provokes very eventful and visceral work.

Skin: Anne Sitnikova, 叶政达, irene wu
Balls: Marta S. Róbertsdóttir, štěpán smetana