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PH House

Private Client

Sustainable house extension: house and garden symbiosis

The owner of a typical row house in Amsterdam decided to combine two apartments into a duplex ground floor residence. This was achieved via a radical change to the interior, creating a light and open space that merges with the garden in the summer. The house was previously characterize by long, narrow spaces

with a supporting wall down the middle. Thus all interior walls were removed, with a new supporting wall acting as kitchen furniture. By incorporating the structural elements as fixed furniture pieces in the way, the living space has become generous an continuous. The extension to the rear features full height folding doors to the garden.

Its walls and roof are clad with thick, recycled PVC planks that are sustainable and maintenance free. Upstairs, the space is divided into working and sleeping areas by a central box containing the bathroom, washing room and storage. The continuous and spacial experience at this level is emphasized by frameless, sliding glass doors.