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Platform Office

A building as a bridge

Location: Amersfoort, NL
Client: Schipper Bosch, Amersfoort
Program: Office
Gross floor area: 5.000 m2

Structural engineer: Van Rossum, Amsterdam
MEP engineer: Hiensch, Amsterdam
Urban design: ZUS, Rotterdam
Landscape design: VIC Landscapes, Amersfoort
Contractor: Van Bekkum, Amersfoort
Visualisation: Space Encounters, Amsterdam

Like many former industrial areas once located at the border of town, De Nieuwe Stad in Amersfoort is now a central development opportunity in a meanwhile expanded city. Compared to its neighbouring historical centre, the scale is larger and the architecture simpler. The site, located next to Amersfoorts main train station, combines with its surroundings to create an ideal environment for high density living and pays respect to the existing urban fabric. Hal6 is one of the existing warehouses. A relatively anonymous building, its long and flat volume being its most distinctive quality and therefore repeated in the new volume that will be constructed on top.

Technically more of a bridge than a building, the new structure stands above the existing warehouse without a physical connection, held with  seven enormous red steel rafters holding its frame in place. The Nieuwe Stad breathes a certain kind of industrial poetry, non-design which was formulated through economic feasibility, functionality and even lazyness.

True to its context, the materials and details of the new addition are straightforward and its transitions no-nonsense.