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GMK 5 Office

Client: Milk Design BV, Amsterdam

New office in courtyard of housing block in Amsterdam

Courtyards of Amsterdam city blocks tend to be quite fascinating. While the heritage commission tightly monitors the facades facing the canals, they permit a lot more freedom on the rear side. The resulting cacophony of sheds, annexes, balconies and installation pipes seem to follow an unknown logic and the fact that most courtyards are not publicly accessible makes them even more mysterious.

True to its context, the buildings silhouette is elementary and its material logically. Deep windows, do not give its function away and also provide two-way privacy and a bit of conundrum. On ground level, there’s a more direct connection to the surroundings with the windows directly overlooking the shared driveway, which is paved with the same brick. The only attire are the random grass patches that will grow here.

Inside, advertising and branding company First Day of Spring has taken up residence. All serving functions have been hidden way behind a masonite wall, while movable walls clad with mirrors and LED walls allows them to flexibly use the rest of their office -or turn it into a night club if the need arises.