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Designplus Pavilion



During the Euroshop Retail Trade Fair that took place in March 2017 in Düsseldorf, the exhibition pavilion of German spatial design agency Designplus was open to the public for five days. The design consists of six archetypical rooms mounted on two circular platforms but there’s a twist: every twenty minutes the

center ring rotates 60 degrees. This creates six surprising new scenarios, hence the nickname ‘Crocopotamus’ after the children’s book by Mary Murphy. Including the bar in the centre there’s a total of 37 different room combinations possible. The design gives a contemporary take on the traditional trade fair stand:

a more autonomous and laid back approach to stand out from the crowd and provide visitors and exhibitors with a more casual way of interacting. This approach also echoes in the low-key use of material; waterproof particle board only.

Nominated for ARC17 Innovation Award