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Client: Starbed, Amsterdam

Hostel for ClinkNOORD

ClinkNOORD Hostel in the former Shell laboratory in Amsterdam-Noord is the new Clink Hostels flagship branch. The communal programme consisted of functions that would perfectly amplify each other: a cafe, restaurant, library, cinema, self service kitchen and night club. Wouldn’t it be interesting to deny hierarchy and have them all use the same space, like one big festival ground?

In this scenario time of day instead of designated space would dictate the use of an area. At an early stage however, it was clear this the 1000m2 common area programme had to be distributed over two floors. This would have the unfortunate by-effect of creating an artificial split in the programme instead of everything pleasantly blending into each other. The team therefore proposed an sizable intervention consisting of several platforms suspended at different heights,

that truly connect the souterrain, ground floor and atrium -visually as well as logistically. This “Living Stairs” is a generator for social interaction and multifunctional use as much as any other part of the common area. To preserve the quality of the large industrial floors, supporting programme like reception desk and self service kitchen are designed to be a minimal disturbance. Like a stone in the river, the hostel guests stream around them without any effort.