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Aziepark Towers

Client: Blauwhoed

Blauwhoed teamed up for a tender with Paul de Ruiter Architects, Space Encounters and DS Landschapsarchitecten to design two residential towers in the lush park setting of Aziepark in Haarlem. The efficient scheme combines a circle contour with a regular hexagon layout plan.

This results in a couple of advantages for all apartments: generous outside spaces, optimised views and privacy. To minimise the impact of the tower on the relative small park , the underside of the balconies are covered with polished aluminum, thus reflecting the park and blending in.

Next to that, the round outline of the tower lets the space flow around it instead of blocking it. Special detail was given to the ground floor: instead of a the typical ‘corridor with letterboxes’, residents arrive through a garden room which looks out over the park.