Overview in images of Factoryplot, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

About Factoryplot, a project by Space Encounters Office for Architecture

Factory Plot is the design for an urban development that is located in Buiksloterham in Amsterdam Noord and consists of a hotel, housing and a production building. Buiksloterham is a former industrial site and business park that is transforming into a mixed-use area. New spaces for housing, offices and nature are added while space for the dynamics of production, logistics and retail facilities are reintroduced in flexible six meter high plinths. On top of these plinths new housing, office and green spaces are being introduced to the area to generate a synergy between living and working.

In the design of Factory Plot the robust character of industrial and warehouse architecture is embedded and paired to housing and hotel functions. The urban design of the development consists of a coherent ensemble of four buildings that are differentiated by the hight differences of the volumes, their materialization and expressive elements as balconies. This collage of contrasts is given further shape by installations and circulation spaces as separate elements on the outside of the buildings. Green (semi-)public spaces between the volumes act as green urban oases.

The hotel is situated in two buildings on the north side of the site. While the architecture of both volumes is attuned to each other and designed as ‘industrial chic’ buildings, they subtly vary. The larger hotel building has facades of flush, polished concrete and in addition to hotel rooms contains a rooftop swimming pool and restaurant with an expressive terrace. The other hotel volume is clad with ceramic tiling and has a provocative cantilevering rooftop garden.

The housing complex consists of a mix of volumes with different housing typologies that are positioned on a six meter high and transparent plinth that contains production spaces. All housing volumes have wooden facades with expressive concrete elements, resulting in a delicate play between vertical structural elements and horizontal balconies and balustrades. The production building is the fourth volume of the project and contains production spaces and parking places. Flush translucent facades of fritted glass and aluminium wrap the volume of the production building.

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