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Zaaiersweg CPO Apartments

New School Co-Creation

Former school transformation into 8 apartments

In betondorp, East Amsterdam, an old heritage listed school at the Zaaiersweg has been transformed into eight apartments. As a characteristic building for the time it was built, it has been recovered to its old glory. The commission was acquired early 2014 when a joint effort of Space Encounters, developer Lingotto and a group of future owners won an open competition held by the municipality.

The project was designed within co-creation process. Workshops and brainstorm sessions defined the outlines of the concept. With an intervention that acts as a precise additive, the old building will be restored to a clear type of architecture. Using present day materials and technology, the old shape and composition is emphasised.

The new facade facing to the inner court echoes monumentality with its rigidly organised and large windows.Carrying the old character of the bright and high classrooms, the dimmed and intimate corridors and the spectacular top floor, this renewed monument has been completed late 2016.

Nominated for Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2017