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Theatre Purmaryn

Municipality of Purmerend

New theatre layout in Purmerend

The existing layout of “de Purmaryn”, a local theatre in the city of Purmerend was showing several shortcomings due to an recently increase in their capacity. During peak hours the cloakroom could not process the quantities of visitors, the amount of toilets was too little and the cluttered layout caused congestions at several points.

Moreover the facade looked dated and introvert, not the way a modern day theatre should look. After careful study, the main perpetrator turned out to be the stairs to the second floor. Once we relocated it to the front of the foyer, everything made sense again: different streams of visitors were taken apart, removing congestions and creating the possibility to expand the cloakroom.

The ticket booth on the other hand was shrunk drastically, since most tickets are being sold online nowadays. By doing this, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place: the renewed facade could be open to the square, making the Purmaryn ready for the future.