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TEX House

Location: Amsterdam, NL
Client: Private
Program: Housing
Gross floor area: 360m2
Project team SE: Joost Baks, Stijn de Weerd, Remi Versteeg, Gijs Baks, Esther Bentvelsen

Contractor: Duinmaijer, De Rijp
Interior fit out: Roord Binnenbouw, Amsterdam
Calculation: Skaal, Amsterdam
Structural engineer: De Ingenieursgroep, Amsterdam

Behind the facade of a typical canal house, we are working on a renovation project for an Amsterdam family. Rich in authentic details, this home sets the stage for a play between old and new. Modern materials confront ornamental ceilings, stairs and doors. This confrontation is taken very seriously: the scars of the building will not be polished or tucked away. We disassemble only the bottom parts of the existing partitions and support what remains with beams of natural stone. This way they become an overlay for the new plan, which allows the original lay-out of the home to remain tangible and the layers of time become visible. New features include a spanking new steel support system, a massive glass pivoting door, custom furniture and a monolithical kitchen block.

It’s not just the design approach that brings about the best of old and new, it’s also the materials. All subjected to a color palette of white and strong colors, you will find the likes of travertin, walnut and acryllic panels, as well as brick and stucco decorations all mixed up over the four floors of the project.

Design work started early 2018 and the project is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2020.