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Sid Lee Office

Client: Sid Lee International

Interior design for branding firm Sid Lee

The international branding company Sid Lee commissioned Space Encounters to renovate, design and manage their new dutch headquarters within a heritage listed building in Amsterdam. This concept is called ‘the end of working’. From working in cells to open floors, flexible and activity based working this is the last step in office working concepts.

In this Sid Lee branch you don’t find a traditional desk on the whole ground floor. On this floor a variety of carefully fabricated charismatic, spatial components provide anything but an office feeling. All these elements form an extraordinary, joyfull composition. Simultaniously they enchance the monumentallity of the existing building.

Employees and visitors are encouraged to work, socialize, meet, eat, play in: the ‘Whim Wham Wall’ (25x6m sized cabinet); the ‘Oval Office’ (with flexible working deviders); the ‘Precious’ (a golden box with restrooms and stairs); the ‘Glass Cage of Emotions’ (meetingrooms with pivoting cabinets) and the ‘War Room’ (board room with elevating table).