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CPO I am Loft

Client: Edwin Oostmeijer projectontwikkeling

Beyond tomorrow housing project

Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling commissioned Space Encounters to design an apartment building in the future development of Buiksloterham & Co in Amsterdam Noord. The residential building of approximately 2000 m2 facing the canal and overlooking the IJ river will house around 14 apartments and a office space on the ground floor.

The apartment block combines maximum flexibility in the floor plans with optimal orientation towards the views and sun orientation. Simultaneously the urban spatial integration will refine the appearance of the block. The project is part of the dynamic masterplan Buiksloterham Cityplots, by STUDIONINEDOTS and DELVA Landscape Architects.


Every Cityplot will acts as a collective, energetic machine whereby sustainable systems are coupled with and converge in the public space. The interrelationship between residents and these systems will contribute to a sustainable and future-proof area. Architecture, public space and landscape will soon form one complete, sustainable, integrated system.