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Siedlung Holliger

Swiss family housing

Design: Space Encounters & FritschiBeis
Location: Bern, Switserland
Client: Baugenossenschaft Aare Bern
Program: Housing
Gross floor area: 4400 m2
Project team: Stijn de Weerd, Gijs Baks, Joost Baks, Remi Versteeg, Beis Hurni, Jonas Fritschi, Rolf van der Leeuw, Matilde Scali, Patricia Yus, Ursina Ziƶrjen

Visuals: Parallel

‘Here comes the sun’ is a winning competition proposal in cooperation with Fritschibeis Architekten, for innovative family housing of 100m2 located in the western part of Bern. The project is part of a redevelopment plan for a former waste processing plant consisting of 6 housing blocks organised around a collective park.

The proposed solution reveals itself in the cross section of the project. Through the variation in floor heights and by intelligently linking and interweaving the different apartments, a large diversity in housing types is realised.
The spacious double height external galleries increase the liveliness of the inner garden and act as a transition space between public and private which allows for interaction and encounters between the residents. The gallery spaces are connected to the ground floor via a large cargo elevator.
The ground-bound family houses have a double height living space which opens onto the garden. Above there are two linked maisonettes which have a one and a half height living space, suited for families of diverse composition. By using ensuite rooms the living space can easily be enlarged when needed.

In the tower apartments the emphasis is put on the perspective from the entrance towards the facade, through the diagonal arrangement of the living spaces.
These three typologies are complemented by various joker rooms which can function as individual studio apartments or as additional rooms to the neighbouring apartments.
The light grey tiles provide the facade with a modest but stark overall image which does not reveal the richness and variation of the different housing types it contains but through alternating windows sizes does allude to it. The trusses break the facade rhythm and give a subtle dynamic to the solid volume.