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Health Care Centre Buiksloterham

Stichting Gezondheidscentrum Buiksloterham

Temporary health center

Buiksloterham, in the Northern part of Amsterdam, used to be the area with the one of the most polluting industries of Amsterdam. Now it’s being transformed into a vibrant, sustainable part of town for living and working. Although a permanent healthcare centre is being planned, the client recognizes the need for a temporary healthcare centre in the transitionary period fromĀ a desolate location towards a bustling district.

The building is really a bright yellow fence that secures and conceils twelve prefabricated container units (215m2). The peculiar shape neatly surrounds the containers with an entrance area, garden and breakout space. This has the added effect of protecting patient privacy and functions as burglar protection.

Inside the containers, several patient rooms, a physiotherapy room and a small lab can be found. The exterior severely contrasts its bland surroundings with its bright colour and alienating figure, while its container heart is carefully hidden from the visitor. The yellow radiates health and vigour. This way, using minimal resources, it makes going to the doctor a contemplative journey.