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below, in between and above

Status: competition entry
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Client: 529 real estate, Amsterdam
Program: Housing
Gross floor area: 10.000 m2

Project team: Joost Baks, Stijn de Weerd, Gijs Baks, Remi Versteeg, Jordy Vos, Puck Vogelpoel, Iñigo Berriozabal, Matilde Scali, Arnoud Stavenuiter

Visuals: Parallel

Geus has a unique corridor structure, creating a multifaceted residential building that lives on all sides; transparent and inviting. The wide variety of housing types are defined by their position in the building. Orientation, views, sunlight and outdoor space are the guiding principles here. With a nod to Bakema’s principle: living under the trees, between the trees and above the trees.

Solar panels are integrated into the architecture. Like a kind of awning, they make the façade even more dynamic and unique. Hardly visible from ground level but in perfect angle to collect solar energy.

The principle of living under, between and above the trees is also present in the facade. The frames run out sharply, like lookout windows from every home. The façade runs from finely textured concrete on park level until smoothly polished concrete on top of the building.

The facades of Geus have a soul that shows itself differently every moment of the day and from every distance. The strong, vibrating rhythm of the horizontals is mixed with a gradient in verticals from plinth to crown: a recognisable building from near and far.