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Dames Dietz

Elizabeth & Marieke

Highly sustainable Deli; distinctive and attractive

This groundbreaking structure for ‘Dames Dietz’ was the first commercial project to be realized with NurHolz – a 100% sustainable Cradle2Cradle wooden framework method. And it took just three days to erect the basic structure! The result is ‘wonky’ but it works, enabling retail, preparation and storage spaces for a high quality neighbourhood deli. Design and construction had to respond to a number of tight parameters, including a very limited plot size.

But the most interesting challenge was the need to comply with municipal regulations that stipulated a roof that would be sympathetic to a variety of surrounding roof shapes, all derived from a number of practical, social and cultural factors. This was achieved with a building that diverges from the vertical and horizontal on all levels. Within this solution, the sloping planes are key as they draw customers into the shop; maximise natural light,

create more space on the upper storeys, and maintain the existing roofline. Thus a problem became an opportunity to create something distinctive and attractive.

One important ambition was to realize a highly sustainable building. The NurHolz solid wood framework is central to this, and integrates sustainable internal finishes and insulating properties.