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Houthavens CPO Apartments

Pioneering Co-Living

70 families get personal freedom, views and community

This collective housing block (CPO) was designed as a collaboration between Space Encounters, Architecten Cie, Thijs Asselbergs, Marc Koehler and 70 future inhabitants. This block has been a pioneering housing development in the former harbour docks of the Amsterdam-West.

Houthavens CPO Apartments is a customisable co-living model based on a modular building system. It offers its members the freedom to design their homes from scratch incorporating any hybrid function, and co-create shared spaces to build a global co-living community.

The climate neutral 10.000m2 housing project provides inhabitants with a freedom unprecedented in residential development: an unfinished five meter high wind and waterproof concrete shell, in which occupants can realise their dream in truly sovereign manner.