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Bar Anne

Space Encounters

in collaboration with Children of the Light

BAR ANNE is far from a regular exhibition. We stay open when regular presentations close and offer a dynamic program from Tuesday till Saturday, starting at 11am and ending after midnight. A bar and show combined into one full experience and fun happening.

From Tuesday April 17th till Saturday April 21st the historical Museo Diocesano will be taken over by a group of dutch creative designers and transformed into a new design hotspot. Located right between the famous Zona Tortona and the city center BAR ANNE offers a inspiring hang out, presentation area, musical experience, café and meeting place for everyone who’s curious and creative. 

Ironically, often the simple moments in-between visiting the Salone are the most impactful. Meeting long lost friends, enjoying April sun, and skipping out on exhibitions to have a beer at 2pm.

At BAR ANNE we take this experience as a starting point to create a place that’s non-pretentious and easy going, where your meant to sit on the chairs instead of look at them, where you end up staying all day, just because you can: We start at 11, serve lunch around noon, an aperitivo to get going, a dinner when hungry, a cocktail hour to shake things up and  of course there will be music and dancing. Till late.