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Space Encounters
Office for Architecture

Valschermkade 29
1059 CD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 2044598

About Space Encounters

Space Encounters liberates itself from the dogma of strict functionalities and researches old and new forms of space and material, free from self inflicted burdens. We do not pretend that architecture provides solutions but acknowledges that good architecture is relevant. Serendipity is crucial in our research.

The constant search for innovation and different perspectives is expressed in both the practice of modern technology and the revaluation of old techniques and analogue methods. Any obtained commission or taken initiative is an inducement to create an applied artwork. All our projects are teamwork.

Partners & Team

Space Encounters are Gijs BaksStijn de WeerdJoost BaksRemi Versteeg (from left to right) and an international team of architects and designers.

Our current team members are Esther Bentvelsen (NL), Menno Brouwer (NL), Carlos Callejo (ES), Clara Jansen (NL), Rolf van der Leeuw (NL), Vincent van Leeuwen (NL), Marius van de Pol (NL), Matilde Scali (IT), Vera Tamburlin (IT), Maria Tsilogianni (GR), Joke Versteeg (NL), Jordy Vos (NL), Patricia Yus (ES) and Jelmer van Zelm (NL).

Former team were Daniël Ankoné, Roxana Aron, Raquelle Bergsma, Alberto Doncato, Eric Goldhoorn, Daan van Gool, Lars Goossens, Isabella Del Grandi, Bram van den Heuvel, Jonathan Hibma, Isai Hoogeveen, Dobritsa Ivanova, Katarina Labathova, Ana Lima, Martina Lucchese, Rick Mouwen, Anna Paluch, Agata Popieluch, Diede Ramakers, Job van der Sande, Naomi Cheung San, Ines van Sandick, Margarida Konig dos Santos, Antione Servigne, Anna Sitnikova, Piotr Michal Szczesniak, Giulia Tomaselli, Maria Vankova, Vadim Varnerot, Anke Verhees, Sarah el Yousefy and Andy Yu.


Space Encounters accepts interns from (international) Architectural Schools for internships with a minimum duration of 6 months. Excellent knowlegde of Autocad, Adobe CS, strong modelmaking skills and a talent for design are required. Fluency in Dutch and rendering skills are a plus. Please send your portfolio and CV to

Due to the large number of requests we are not able to respond to everyone personally.


Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency
Edwin Oostmeijer projectontwikkeling
ERA Contour
Flow Real Estate
G&S Vastgoed
Milk Design
Nexus Real Estate
New Cheese Development
Peak Development
Ping Properties
Sid Lee
Scandinavian Hospitality Management
Sony Music Entertainment
The Student Hotel
TU Delft, Department of Architecture
Vastint Netherlands

Selected Publications

2017 April
Jaarboek Architectuur in Nederland 2016/2017
2017 April
Volkskrant Space Encounters wint Next Step Award
2017 February
Architectenweb Gezondheidscentrum is helder baken
2017 February
Designboom Mellow Yellow Healthcare Centre
2016 November
Archdaily JOOLZ
2016 October
Dezeen Space Encounters converts Amsterdam factory into greenhouse-filled offices
2016 April/May/June
Various off- and online publications for Boring Collection
2014 Sept/Oct
Frame Magazine Speed Building
2014 January
Volkskrant Delicaat doosje
2014 January
Dezeen Rebel House reflects surrounding colours


Space Encounters is regularly teaching and lecturing at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK).

The Booger Project, supported by KABK and curated by Space Encounters, was joined by Štěpán Smetana, Marta Sigríður, Juliette Groenendaal, Jungmin Lee, Yuri Choi, Iris Erkelens, 叶政达, Allegra Santis, Fabienne van Steensel, Rick Mouwen, Nanneke Boomgaard, Arjen Witteveen, Anna Groet, Hyunwoo Koo, Anna Sitnikova, Domi Czajak, Daniel Kuiper, Ashton Yangwook Kang, Irene Wu and Dominika Wardzińska.


Awards and Nominations

2018 Space Encounters winner of Frame Award 2018 Emerging Designer of the Year
2018 Joolz office nominated for RIBA International Prize
2017 Sony Music Entertainment office wins ARC17 Interior Award
2017 Joolz office wins The International Architecture Award for 2017
2017 CPO Apartments Zaaiersweg nominated for Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2017
2017 Joolz office wins BNA Building of the Year 2017 in the Stimulating Environments category
2017 Space Encounters winner Next Step Award 2017
2016 Joolz office nominated for ARC16 Interior Award
2016 Boring Collection finalist for the Dutch Design Awards 2016
2016 Boring Collection wins Milan Design Award 2016
2014 Rebel House, Almere, first prize Best Architecture 2014


2017 Sloterdijk N3 Competition, Amsterdam, first prize open tender
2016 NCG office, Groningen, first prize invited competition
2016 Joolz office, Amsterdam, first prize invited competition
2015 ClinkNOORD, Amsterdam, first prize invited competition
2014 Zaaiersweg apartments, Amsterdam, first prize open competition
2014 Sid Lee office, Amsterdam, first prize invited competition

Press Inquiries

For press kits, high resolution material or other inquiries, please email to

Photography, website and graphic design

Space Encounters works together with various photographers, artists and designers.

Partner photo by Milan Hofmans; Photo around model by Dick Kikstra; Boring Collection by Lernert & Sander; Gezondheidscentrum Buiksloterham, Joolz office, SONY Music Entertainment A’DAM Tower, Designplus Pavilion and GMK5 office by Peter Tijhuis; Sid Lee office, OHPL House, Joolz office, NCG office and White Label Coffee by Jordi Huisman; Joolz office by Charlotte Odijk; Grenswerk by Allard van der Hoek, ClinkNOORD and Courtyard Marriott by Wouter van der Sar; REBEL House, SH House, V House, JM House and Dames Dietz by Yvonne Brandwijk.

Graphic design by Sanne Beeren.

Special thanks to Edwin.